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Roundtable discussion and press lunch with journalists to announce DataCore's new solutions and corporate strategy.

Date Sep 2021
EXPERTISE Public Relations,

Delivery, Strategy & Results.

Context :
For the presence in France of Dave Zabrowski, CEO, and Rizwan Pirani, CPO of DataCore, the agency organized a PressBreakfast, in a room of the famousrestaurant « Ladurée » in april 2019, to announce the new solutions and the new strategy of the company. 

•Creation of an invitation sent to key journalists (IT, channel)+ follow-up
•Creation of a press release sent after the event to all the usual targeted medias

•Give the opportunity to the journalists to meet the CEO, who is rarely in France
•Create a strong relationship with our key journalists
Be positionned as a key actor and a leader

Results : 
  • 5 journalists present:StorageNewsletter, Le Mag IT, L’informaticien, Gobal Security Mag, Le Monde Informatique
  • 5 dedicated articles

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